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Industree Design is a student team from the University of Texas at Dallas EPICS program. We are excited to partner with Blackstone Launchpad to design and craft up to 16 tables for an entrepreneurship space on campus at the University of Texas at Dallas. Our goal is to provide quality service and creative design solutions to fit our project partner’s needs. Each piece of furniture will be hand-crafted with care to combine functionality and aesthetic. These tables will complement the industrial and modern feel of the new building while providing utility, durability and flexibility within the space. This project will be complete by early December.

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Blackstone Launchpad is a campus based entrepreneurship program, accessible by over 630K students globally, designed to support and mentor students, staff and alumni – regardless of major, experience or discipline. Blackstone Launchpad’s economic impact since program inception includes 15,198 ventures, 8,690 companies and 21,168 jobs created.




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