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Children’s Advocacy Center(CACCC) is a non-profit organization that offers services to young, abused children in Collin County. Children advocacy centers began when an attorney dealing with child abuse cases observed how multiple people throughout the process were interviewing the abused child, asking about what had happened and who was was involved. The attorney observed that many of the children being asked were traumatized and having them repeat the story over and over again was putting a mental strain on the child. This observation led to the beginning of child advocacy centers where victims of child abuse can have an easier time explaining their situation when interviewed. The advocacy centers provide safety, support, healing, and justice for children who are in need. They do this by interviewing them once and from that one interview, everyone will base off their works from the report written. They also provide basic needs and resources to help alleviate the child’s situation, and provide them with necessary counseling.

Team Children’s Advocacy Center is excited to work with CACCC as we are tasked with two assignments. We are to design a website that would replace a three inch binder and create an online form. The goal of the website is to transfer all the information from the binder to the website so that it would be easier and faster for the users using the website to get the necessary data. The online form is used to replace a paper version of the form while reducing redundancy in the forms when asking the user about their information.

We will be the second team working on the project and we look to identify the potential issues and create a suitable solution.

Team Children’s Advocacy Center is divided into two teams. On the left, you can see Community Information Database Team and Online Client Information Form team. Click on them to see what each of team has been up to!