Our project partner Early Wheels, is a non-profit that provides children ages 0 to 4 with mobile disabilities equipment to enable them to move around and explore their environment at an early age. Being able to move independently in the early years of one’s life has been shown to be important to the development of many critical skills, but often times children are not able to get access to a wheelchair until they are at least 2 years old. Early Wheels’ main method for addressing this problem is by modifying ride-on toys to be used by children with disabilities; they also collect unused medical equipment and distribute it to families in need. Margaret, a Christian woman, began to research mobility options for young children after attending a wheelchair programming course. She came across a few organizations, Go Baby Go, First Wheels Huston, and power-of-play.org, that introduced her to the concept of modifying ride-on toys and inspired her to create something similar in Dallas – Early Wheels.