Founded in 1993 and based in Dallas, Texas, IntelliChoice is a non-profit organization that seeks to develop an interest in mathematics, increase college readiness, and promote a successful future career for kindergarten to 12th grade children who lack educational opportunities and resources.

IntelliChoice offers on-site tutoring programs through public libraries or local community centers. Currently, there are about 13 IntelliChoice branches in Texas and Arizona where 500 young children are receiving free math tutoring. In 2016, two branches were opened in Navajo native american reservation areas in Arizona. The organization also provides on-line tutoring programs to any child in the world. In addition, IntelliChoice seeks to encourage disadvantaged children to pursue college education by providing scholarships.

To learn more about the organization, please visit: www.intellichoice.org/


IntelliChoice Inc. has limited web support and needs development and optimization of a database for efficient management. This is where the Intelligineers come in! With backgrounds in CS/Engineering and a want to learn, we are a hands on community service group providing our time and knowledge to help develop and perfect their online presence of a website, database, and online tutoring system.

While a current database system already exists, we are aiming to fix bugs and increase its capabilities, particularly in the field of analytics, to expand the power and use of the attendance system. For us, this means acquiring a detailed knowledge of the system and its programming languages including JavaScript and Node.js. We are up to the task!

IntelliChoice volunteers and members give their time and knowledge to help kids learn critical math skills, and they deserve nothing but the best when it comes to a user-friendly system that does all the work for them at a click of a button!