Update 1 – Getting Up to Date

We are not the first to embark on this journey. Before us, other brave souls ventured into the EPICS class and worked with IntelliChoice to create a working database system. While these wonderful people excelled, they have left it up to us to carry the torch, but before we can carry it, we have to understand how it works.

As a team, we are in the process of refining our semester goals, creating a project plan, and learning the necessary skills to be able to make a positive impact for our sponsor, IntelliChoice. We hope to provide top of the line support and creation in database management to help aid them in aiding our community. Through spreading educational opportunity, we can create a better world for many!

Some of the things that we are learning include JavaScript, Node.js, and other scripting and markup languages. By focusing on these things now, we will be up to the task of understanding the current code and updating it for future expansion.