Update 3 – We’ve Struck Gold

The quest of the three adventurers has led to some exciting discoveries, but only after long and arduous trials.

The process for getting the front end and back end communicating took some time to refine, but our team finally has it down. While the process requires some knowledge of different UNIX, Node.js and MongoDB commands, we have now created an instructions document (with pictures) to speed the process up.

After getting that part down, we began digging into data. Our primary project goal right now is to find attendance data, print out reports with that data, and ultimately help the IntelliChoice team have an easier time working with students and giving out scholarships.

We have just achieved step 1! If you look below, you will see a lot of jumbled characters, but those characters represent the data we need to begin printing out attendance charts. This means that we have created a data set and successfully extracted data from it, which is a huge step in the right direction. Next on our list, print out some attendance!