Founded in 1993 and based in Dallas, Texas, IntelliChoice is a non-profit organization that seeks to develop an interest in mathematics, increase college readiness, and promote a successful future career for kindergarten to 12th grade children who lack the educational opportunities and resources. IntelliChoice offers on-site tutoring programs through public libraries or local community centers. Currently, there are about 13 IntelliChoice branches in Texas and Arizona states where 500 young children are receiving free math tutoring.

To learn more about IntelliChoice, please visit: www.intellichoice.org

We are a group of students at the University of Texas at Dallas working with IntelliChoice through the EPICS program. All of us have backgrounds in STEM, as our majors range from Computer Science to Electrical Engineering to Biomedical Engineering. This semester, our plan is to make the IntelliChoice website easier to manage and use for volunteers, students, and administrators. Some ways we plan to achieve this is by creating an interface for administrators to be able to add chapters and allow volunteers registering to access the chapters as a drop-down menu.