Bwindi Hospital Data Management, an EPICS Project

The Bwindi Community Hospital supports the marginalized Batwa population in Uganda.  The hospital is supported by the Kellermann Foundation, who have asked the UT Dallas EPICS program to help with some database problems.  The main hospital uses a custom database designed by the hospital IT team.  The maternity ward uses an outdated version of the official government health database.  The current goal is to add a maternity table to the custom database the main hospital uses so they can stop using the outdated system.  We are going to use a web application shell to mimic the current data formatting in order to make the transition easier for the hospital staff.  The web application shell will be linked into the new table, which will link into the main hospital database.


The team meets with the Kellermann Foundation

Web application page


Sponsored by:

Kellermann Foundation Representative: Dr. Bob McLendon


Improving the:

Bwindi Community Hospital Representative: Mr. Osbert Magara


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