Our Mission

Kids-U is an organization which provides academic after school programs to children in low income communities. Their mission is to enrich the lives of these children and improve their educational outlook by assisting with their schoolwork and their social and personal development. Kids-U began as Dallas Community Lighthouse in direct response to the high dropout rates in Dallas County. Since then, Kids-U has expanded to serve 400 kids in 13 locations around the Dallas area, operating within different apartment complexes whose owners have agreed to work with Kids-U. With the kids, Kids-U tries to ensure that they have a safe place to turn to after school and during the summer, where they are met with supervision, snacks, and an opportunity to further their learning.


Recording Booth Project:

There are many difficulties in teaching a child to read. It is a process that can be taught in numerous forms and can prove to difficult for different types of learners. While the visual learner can relate letters and words to sounds and a tactile learner can connect the feelings of different sounds to the words on the page, an audible learner is left with the problem of having to hear others, or themselves, read to understand how to formulate words into sound. With this in mind, Kids-U has decided to pursue a fun and very personal method to help audible learners to read. By creating a soundproof recording booth that the kids can operate to record themselves reading, older kids will be able to practice their reading and younger kids will be able to read along with these playbacks. Our goal for this project is to design this booth with a focus on kid operability, safety, and most importantly fun!


Database Reporting Project:

The project is to update the database system that Kids-U is currently using to store information about their students. Because we have been unable to obtain the back-end code used by the current system thus far, our plan is to fully rebuild the site and then begin adding the requested additional features.

In order to fully rebuild the site, we will have to reconstruct the user interface, create a database, and link the database to the front-end of the site. The database will need to be able to contain student information, certain staff information (as requested by the project partner), and login information. The Kids-U staff should be able to securely log in, view the table of students or staff information, create a new student entry, export a basic CSV file of student information, and log out.

After the website is fully reconstructed, we will begin implementing the requested additional features. These include basic searching, filtering and sorting by category for the student information. The sorted and filtered table should be able to be exported into a CSV file. In addition, we will need to implement a feature that allows the Kids-U staff to track student academics and generate progress reports.