Our Mission:

Kids-U is an organization which provides academic after school programs to children in low income communities. Their mission is to enrich the lives of these children and improve their educational outlook by assisting with their schoolwork and their social and personal development. Kids-U began as Dallas Community Lighthouse in direct response to the high dropout rates in Dallas County. Since then, Kids-U has expanded to serve 400 kids in 13 locations around the Dallas area, operating within different apartment complexes whose owners have agreed to work with Kids-U. With the kids, Kids-U tries to ensure that they have a safe place to turn to after school and during the summer, where they are met with supervision, snacks, and an opportunity to further their learning.


Recording Booth Project:

Link to Private Recording Booth


Summer STEM Kits:

Designed by the STEM Kids, the Summer STEM Kits group was assigned to create weekly guides that have a focus in science, technology, engineering and math. This will introduce the students to a variety of materials in STEM, such as space, agriculture, health, architecture, engineering, and more. These kits will be given and used by students in a low-income setting, where otherwise these children are unable to experience these materials due to cost and accessibility. The mission by Kids-U, the kits sponsor, is to allow and boost their education, and enrich them with experience they would otherwise not experience with Kids-U. Kits are designed to not only cover 6 different themed weeks, but also cover students and group them into three teirs based on their grades to guarantee sucess for any child, regardless of age and grade. STEM Kids are currently turning gears and tinkering to create the perftect kits for Kids-U to use, click the link here to learn more about their amazing process!