November end update

We were able to wire the table to move up and down successfully, controlled by the joystick. We have assembled the 8020 to our table to fulfill our stability goal. This has greatly helped with stabilizing the table to eliminate the lateral and medial shakiness. We purchased end caps for safety on the ends of the 8020 and a magnetic whiteboard for table functionality. Unfortunately, both of these were the wrong size (Far too small). We sent them back and have yet to order replacements. Ordering accurate items online has been our biggest challenge for this project by far.

We still have to order our linear dropout regulator to power the arduino. We could also simply buy 9V batteries.

We will be receiving our 3D printed parts (pins and ball bearings) by the end of this week (Gene is on back up).

Jonah and a few HIPsters from My Possibilities are planning to visit Makerspace on Friday around 12 pm. We are hoping to have everything complete and ready to be tested by the HIPsters by then. We will be attempting to complete the housing by this Friday and clean up the wiring so it is more aesthetically pleasing.

November Update

We have received all electrical components and are now waiting on our 80/20 supports and 3D printed parts to be delivered. Coding for the lift is taking longer than anticipated as we have run into a few obstacles we have not understood. We have moved our delivery date to Nov 13th. We are hoping we can meet that date.

Mid-October update

We have decided what materials we need to order: Electronics for controlling the stepper motor, some additional 80/20 pieces, and a brake clamp. Next steps are just approval and ordering so we can begin building as soon as we receive them. We have also finally received documentation from the previous team, which has been very helpful in understanding their ideas.

In the Spring 2017 documentation, we realized they had completed the switch controlled lift function. Unfortunately, that component of the table was destroyed/stolen when we picked up the project this year. Preservation of their project would have allowed for more progress with our team, so it is unfortunate that we have to re-do work they had already completed. However, we are taking the opportunity to make the automation slightly better, by adding a joystick for more ease of use and adding limit switches to make sure it can stop at any point.

Where we are hoping to be by Oct 31:

September obstacles

  • Lack of documentation from previous group
  • Brainstormed starting original table from scratch, using Fall 2016 ideas
  • Decided, due to budget and time constraints, to instead rebuild/enhance Spring 2016’s table

October update

Accomplished in September:

  • Meeting with Jonah Gutierrez (Project Partner) to understand his goals for table
  • Taken inventory of all usable parts from original table
  • Brainstormed for original design ideas to enhance stability and tilt functionality
  • Decided on final design, working with original table parts
  • Detailed project plan to deliver table by November 8th, 2017

Goals for October:

  • Complete building base
  • Add switch to actuators (lift only)
  • Build horizontal table supports
  • Begin working on tilt function
  • Continue detailing manual of our work for future teams