Project Partner

My Possibilities is a full day, full year continuing program in Collin County. It is aimed to give adults with cognitive disabilities a chance at a higher education so that they can discover their purpose. In its constant effort to do so, My Possibilities offers a wide variety of resources such as the art facility, where HIPsters (Hugely Important People) have the opportunity to explore their creativity.

At the facility, a semester is 12 weeks of instruction with at least 4 days per week. The company has several programs the HIPsters can participate in such as MP Create, MP Explore, MP Achieve, and MP University. In the MP Create program, HIPsters are encouraged to draw, paint, or photograph what interests them, and their work is for sale in a little shop at the facility.

My Possibilities came to EPICS 6 semesters back with the desire to expand their art program, since some students have limited control over their limbs. They have inspired work on an eye-tracking drawing assistance device, an electronically controlled drawing board, and a guitar adapter for stringed instruments.