LIP Application Prototype Finalized!

Hello constituents! We have some exciting news to share with you today. Our team has finalized a design for the soon to be released LIP Application. This prototype demo will give you a visual experience of how it will be implemented onto the Policentric App. We have uploaded the individual screens and a video demo under the “Policentric” tab that is located on the website. Go ahead and check it out! 🙂

Important Bug Fixes

During the week of 11/19/2017 our team discovered a critical bug that was lurking in the code. The bug was found within the menu items that were added to the bottom banner. In summary, if the user clicked too fast on a menu item or switched between menu items too quickly then this would cause the entire app to crash. Upon the discovery of this bug, the team made it their priority to resolve it as quickly and as efficiently as possible. With assistance from our lead developer we were able to implement a solution that removed the bug from the app. Now the app runs much better!

Bottom Banner Code Push Successful!

During the week of 11/19/ 2017, our team pushed the bottom banner feature to the android app. This is a new feature which is being implemented into Policentric’s Android App, and it will act as the new menu system. We will be migrating the LIP application under this bottom banner. Check it out soon on your local Policentric App.