Update #5 – Finishing Up

We are finishing up on our initial development for our prototype app and our backend server. We’re starting to put together our material for next week’s presentation, and we are excited to share what we’ve accomplished this semester with everyone!

Second Update

Almost a month later, and things have been moving! We visited Promise house and talked with team members there to hash out what exactly our project was, and got a quick tour. Forgot to take photos, sadly. Since then we’ve finalized our project goals and also gotten an app prototype up and kicking. It’s not quite complete, and our UI is a little rough around the edges, but it should show you what we’re working on. View it here: https://marvelapp.com/6f134b4/screen/32994591. Right now we’re brushing up on Xamarin, the tool we’ll use to build the app.

Our First Update

Things are progressing well! We’ve established our goal for the project: Develop an app to help Promise House follow up on clients who have aged out of their services. To help accomplish this, we are currently looking into Xamarin, a tool which will allow us to develop for android and iOS on one platform. We’re also looking into prototyping tools, to help us present a basic version of the finished product – expect to see it soon! Finally, we’ll be touring the Promise House next Friday to connect with the partner in a more real way, as well as to meet with other staff we’ll be coordinating with. Photos to come!