After weeks of meetings and investigations, we found a solution on how to send texts through Salesforce!
First off, we decided to get rid of the idea of using an app. The app we were going to use did not fit our specifications, and the ones that do are not within our price range.
We decided to send texts by email. By that, we mean sending an email to the user’s phone which will also send a text. To do that, the email address must have the format ( By using that, we are sending a text to the students without it costing the RALC anything.


Visiting RALC

Also, last month, we visited a class where the RALC teaches classes and I took a photo of the class during a session.

Apps and Simulations

During our research, we found out that Salesforce has a selection of applications that offer users where they can be easily integrated into our system and can send SMS messages. In other words, we don’t have to make our own app!

On the downside, each of the apps cost something, some ranging from $120 for 3 months and some ranging $20 a month, with varying lengths of a free trial. So far, we have narrowed it down to one app called “ClickSend”, which provides and extensive free trial and is cheap enough to where it won’t damage the RALC’s budget.

Since we have narrowed it down, we now have to test it out with a “sandbox” (a simulated environment) to test out how to read the data and trigger the system to send SMS messages.

The Situation So Far.

The problem that the RALC is facing is that they need a faster way to communicate with their staff about the attendance of their students. First, the teacher takes the attendance and sends it to their student coordinator to take notes on who was absent, who then sends those notes to one of their volunteer translators, who will contact the student about their absence. This entire process takes about a week. They want to shorten that length to about a day.

Over the past few months, we have been acquainting ourselves with the platform that they use, Salesforce.

Welcome to the web page!


This post is just a message to whomever is reading this post. This website is dedicated to marking the progress and setbacks of the Richardson Adult Literacy Center and their collaboration with the University of Texas at Dallas.