The Richardson Animal shelter is an open adoption site that allows everyone to come in and enjoy their times with various animals that are in need of human love. It is also a great place for people to volunteer their time to help and maintain all the animals and make sure they are having the highest standard of living as possible and living a comfortable life at the animal shelter before they find their dream home. Some of the shelter’s main concerns include public education of animals, taking care of neglect/abused animals, and a provide a new environment for the animals, specifically cats, to enjoy such as providing toys and furniture to play on.

Their mission is to solve these problems the best they can and providing a loving and safe environment for the animals. Our group, Nekopaw, is here to give a hand to the animal shelter by using our skills to design and improve the playground. We narrowed down our focus to renovating the playroom by designing a playset that can fit in the playroom. The play set will, ideally, include detachable parts in which anyone such as children can move around and make their own designs. In this way, both the volunteers and the kittens get to have fun. This is a good project for a long term investment because it gives other teams in the future a lot of room to improve the design and implement new ideas along the way. Basically, we will create our own take on what the playground should look. The other teams later on can create new and fresh designs and include it in the room. This will allow a huge amount of creativity to shine from the playground.

Our goal this semester is to create different designs and build a small model to present to our partner. The model ideally will include multiple boxes that can be taken apart and push your imagination as far as possible. This is probably as far as we can go due to our lack of manpower, skills and the time to take the project to the next step.