September 1, 2017

Research Topic:

  • Materials we could choose from excluding carpet: laminated wood, steel, plastic
  • What music relieves stress for cats & kittens
  • Mama cat with heartbeat doesn’t have any scientific research, therefore we disregarded implementing it
  • Temperature control
  • Artificial pheromones to reduce stress


September 18, 2017

This is a picture of our first sketch. However, this sketch was discarded due to the base having a large area. We also decided to eliminate the idea of designing the furniture using only square boxes because it limited our creativity.


September 27, 2017


After scrapping our first design we decided to sketch a few sketches that are a bit more complex compared to our previous one. We still need to figure out the dimensions of our playset, but as of right we we have a general idea of what design we would like to go with.


October 5, 2017


We payed a visit to the animal shelter so we can take measurements of the cam room as shown above in the first two pictures. We are mainly focusing on building the cat stands for the cam room so that the kittens can be seen easily by people that are walking to the adoption room. We also took the time to ask our partner about the cleaning solution/disinfectant they use so that we can find building materials that would be compatible and resistant.

October 11, 2017

Our group came across a problem with the idea of detachability. We spent several ours thinking about how we were going to implement detachiblity into the 3 cat stands that we want to build. After talking it over with each other we came to a conclusion and found out that it will definitely work, since we are using PVC pipes in all our designs. We went to Home Depot to see what we could do with PVC pipes and as shown in the picture above we managed to get it be detachable without having to use any screws. We also took into consideration of not making it bulky when using connectors.

October 20, 2017


These 3 pictures are our final recommended design for the 3 cat stands. The picture in the middle is the most important one because it’s the one that will be specifically for the kittens and it will be placed in the cam room, while the other two will be bigger and larger in size and it will accommodate both cats and kittens. The two bigger cat stands can be moved around from the adoption room to the cam room and vice versa.

November 17, 2017

These are pictures of our first CAD design. We decided to primarily focus on the middle cat stand that will be placed in the cam room. We kept in mind the idea of detachibility and it works well with this design. It can be taken apart so that it can be easily cleaned by the volunteers at the shelter.