Sci-Tech Inattentional Blindness Exhibit

About the Project

Founded in 2003, Sci-Tech Discovery Center is an elementary-to-middle school non-profit science centre in Frisco, Texas. They specialize in STEM creative projects that are more hands-on and informative for the children and students who visit. Their mission is

To engage and inspire learners of all ages and backgrounds to embrace discovery and innovation through the active exploration of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).


Our project partner Rick Tett decided to base our project on the concept of inattentional blindness, which is the neurological phenomena where a person completely misses something that is directly in their field of vision while focusing on something else in the same field. He requested a game that uses the concept of inattentional blindness within the context of driving. Specifically, he wants the game to showcase how even when we are looking at the road ahead of us, we might not notice irregular objects and obstacles within our field of vision just because we were not expecting those.


The Game Plan

We plan on meeting our Project Partner’s criteria by designing a driving game that employs attention and hidden objects as mechanics to get across our message. We will focus primarily on developing a fun game that draws the attention of the players to the game so that they do not notice the randomly generated surprises coded in.

To be exact, we will code a driving game where the player is faced with various challenges. The main aim of the game for the player will be to follow certain road signs to remain on the correct route (while multiple “wrong” signs will also be there to make it a bit more challenging). Alongside, we will be providing certain “surprise elements” right on the player’s line of vision throughout the journey that we assume the player will never notice. After the end of the game, the player will be asked questions related to the surprise elements and will subsequently be educated about the concept of inattentional blindness.

Lastly, the game will display a leaderboard system so that the player that finishes the track the fastest (by following the correct signs) and can answer the maximum questions about the surprise elements get to be at the top.

Thereby, we plan to design a fun, competitive game for the children so that they are entertained while playing it and simultaneously are made aware of the hazards of talking on the phone while driving.

Semester Goals

To hand over the computer mounted rig (that we received from the Sci-Tech Discovery Centre) with a fully functional driving game installed that is all set to be played by anyone!