Welcome to the Trusted World’s website!

Trusted World is a non-profit organization that distribute resources to people and relief organizations who are providing services on someone else’s behalf. They are responsible for relief efforts in the Dallas Metroplex, United States, and locations around the world. The EPICS Trusted World team is currently working on a system that allows clients to order online and assists in managing inventory.

Trusted World Goals:
  • The team will take all reasonable measures to create a minimum viable product (MVP) containing the API and Mobile Scanner App by the end of spring 2019. All necessary functions should be implemented, but some functions not necessary for a working product may be cut from this semester’s release due to time constraints. If time permits, the team will develop and integrate the system for taking and processing orders.
  • The team will perform at least one field test of the product.
  • The team will foster relationships between our team, EPICS, and Trusted World (the “client”).
  • The team will learn new skills, such as database considerations and development, and real-world practices while improving team communication.
  • The team will learn project management and collaboration skills.
Trusted world website:


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