What is UTDesign EPICS?

UTDesign EPICS is a service learning design program where undergraduate students work on multidisciplinary teams to solve real problems while leaving a lasting impact on the community. Modeled after the EPICS program founded in 1995 at Purdue University, UTDesign EPICS has joined the university consortium of more than 25 universities and colleges engaging students in human-centered design in a service learning framework.

UTDesign EPICS Structure

UTDesign EPICS is organized as two engineering design courses:

EPCS 2200: Design course in which multidisciplinary teams solve problems for the local community. Students learn the complete design process, awareness of the customer in engineering design, project management skills, communication skills, and more.

EPCS 3200: Students continue working on projects from previous semesters. Lecture topics will focus on leadership and project management skills, communication skills, and more. May be repeated for credits.

EPICS is offered every fall and spring semester and students are encouraged to participate for multiple semesters. Students should discuss with their academic advisors how course credit for EPICS can be used towards their degree.

Why students sign up for UTDesign EPICS?

  • To work on a real world project from start to finish experiencing the project life-cycle through requirements, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance
  • To work on projects that make a difference in the community
  • To learn critical skills: teamwork, interpersonal communication, leadership, budgeting, and project management
  • To learn and practice engineering design and acquire skills needed prior to the capstone experience
  • To build a resume


Through the UTDesign Studio, UTDesign EPICS students have available 30,000 square feet of dedicated space to learn, create, innovate, design and build. The studio is housed in the Synergy Park North building (SPN) and the list of resources available to the students is accessible here.

Community Partners

Through UTDesign EPICS non-profit organizations partner with a team of UT Dallas students to receive the technical expertise they need to solve a problem that greatly benefits the community.

If you have a project in mind, please submit an EPICS Project Proposal. We will contact you soon.


Sponsors provide financial support to our UTDesign EPICS teams. Funds are utilized to acquire hardware, software, and materials needed for the team’s prototype. It also helps to provide other resources to the teams such as space and the infrastructure needed for the students to design, develop, and test their prototypes.

The contributions of all UTDesign EPICS sponsors will be cited on this web site, and your company/foundation’s name will be listed as the sponsor on the team’s web site as well. For more information about financially supporting the UTDesign EPICS Program please contact Iram Hasan by email or call her at 972-883-3553