Project Partners

Could EPICS help you with a project?

Through UTDesign EPICS non-profit organizations partner with a team of UT Dallas students to receive the technical expertise they need to solve a problem that greatly benefits the community.

If you have a project in mind, please submit an EPICS Project Proposal. We will contact you soon.

Our Fall 2018 partners:

Fall 2018 EPICS Expo – December 12

The EPICS Expo is a chance for students to showcase and demonstrate the progress they have made over the semester, and for the students, project partners, sponsors, and faculty and staff to meet together.

Time Project
5:00 pm Trusted World
5:00 pm RALC
5:00 pm Sci-Tech Blindness
5:30 pm Sci-Tech CAVE
5:30 pm MP Drawing Robot
5:30 pm MP Table Rotation
6:00 pm MP Table Redesign
6:00 pm Promise House